Drama School Audition Advice

Where to start?

With so many drama schools, all with different entry requirements, UCAS applications, audition material, interview requirements and monologue decisions, I understand first hand how overwhelming the process can be. I auditioned for 7 Drama schools over the course of 2 years and successfully attained a place at my two of my top choice schools; LAMDA and The Guildford School of Acting. I completed my 3 yr BA Hons Acting degree and graduated with 1st Class Hons and Agency Representation with Noel Gay Agency.

Drama School Audition advice tutoring covers;

  • what to expect in your audition

  • choosing audition speeches

  • redirection on speeches and mock auditions with feedback

  • discussions of specific drama school audition requirements

  • insight into what the audition panel is looking for


I can also cover how to approach your audition interview along with UCAS / Personal Statements and Secondary School Drama Scholarship Auditions if it is appropriate for your applications.

In my last two years at The Guildford School of Acting, I worked on the audition panels as a Student Assistant, helping to run the audition days and assist the tutors in the process of selecting the next years intake of students. Through this I gained valuable insight into what a panel looks for when auditioning new students, and the top things to avoid doing to give applicants the best chance at a successful and enjoyable Drama School Audition.


Due to current Covid-19  restrictions, Skype and Zoom lessons are available.


£30 per hour.

£20 per 30 minutes.

Prices vary per Acting Coach student, and will be arranged directly. Trial sessions are available.