Acting Coaching

Where to start?

As an actor myself, I understand the amount of practice and perseverance that goes into preparing for a role, a public speech, a poetry competition or a spoken word event. But acting doesn't stop there. With Acting Coaching, a students confidence can be improved, along with their public speaking abilities, nerves and stage fright. For some students, it may be almost a year since they've been in full term time school and had regular social interactions with peers their own age, so having to socialise again might feel daunting. With coaching, I can help to build up their trust in their own wonderful abilities to speak on stage, in public and in the classroom.


My Acting Coaching and advice covers, but isn't exclusive to:


Childrens Coaching:

  • Audition technique and presentation

  • Basic monologue, song or supplied audition material preparation

  • Basic voice technique and support


Student Coaching:

  • Voice and Movement work

  • Textual Analysis

  • Choosing speeches

  • Sight reading text

  • Improvisation and role play

  • Basics for Shakespeare


I also offer private tutoring in various other subjects and qualifications including GCSE and A-Level Drama & Theatre Studies.


Due to current Covid-19 restrictions Skype and Zoom sessions are available.


£30 per hour.

£20 per 30 minutes.

Prices vary per Acting Coach student, and will be arranged directly. Trial coaching sessions available.